Jazzing up Jira

We all love Jira and it is the backbone of our dev team but the interface is getting a little tired. Is there anything that could spice it up. We love Aura from you guys, is there an Jira version of Aura?

Thanks for asking. At this point, we offer „Awesome Custom Fields“ to help spice up Jira. I will ping the team to offer some examples.

Hi, I´m Marco, the Product Manager of „Awesome Custom Fields“.

We created ACF specifically for the use case you described! I have attached an image for you to see how an issue can look like when using our „Awesome Custom Fields“!

Additionally, I´ve included a few links where you can find more information about ACF so you can get a better idea of what we offer:

  1. https://awesomecustomfields.com/
  2. The Importance of Clear and Concise Communication in Jira and How Awesome Custom Fields Can Help - News, tips & guidance for agile, development, Atlassian-Software (JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket, ...) and Google Cloud

Alternatively, you can speak directly with us! Simply schedule an appointment with me and I will personally introduce you to our App.

Link: Calendly - Marco Nebgen

I look forward to hearing from you!