Datenaustausch zwischen Sharepoint und JIRA

Ist es möglich in einen bestehenden Sharepoint JIRA als Ticketsystem zu integrieren und einen gemeinsamen Datenbestand zu pflegen? Ziel ist es Aufgaben in Tickets unter JIRA zu erfassen und schon bestehende nach JIRA zu migrieren.

Bis vor 6 Monaten gab es die Möglichkeit JIRA (6.3) und Sharepoint miteinander zu verbinden. Allerdings mit sehr eingeschränktem Funktionsumfang:

  • View JIRA summary lists of issues, filters, and projects
  • Add an issue, project or filter to JIRA
  • Edit JIRA issues, projects, and filtersView JIRA issue descriptions, owners, and priority & status icons


Mittlerweile wurde das Projekt von ServiceRocket eingestellt mit folgendem Statement:

We’ve been building and maintaining our Connector for SharePoint & JIRA since JIRA version 4.0. When we built the product, we had a partnership with Microsoft and there was great demand for SharePoint in the enterprise being connected to many other products, such as JIRA.

As time has moved on, the demand for close integration of the two products has become less essential for our customers and we have found that by integrating JIRA with Active Directory (which can be done within JIRA) provides the biggest help for our customers (single user/password). SharePoint over this time has also become more cumbersome to develop with and maintain and this combination has forced us to re-evaluate our future plans for the product.

To determine the future of our product we ran a series of surveys from our evaluating customers and community and discussed with several other companies that are experts in the Microsoft space. Considering all responses we have come to the conclusion that there is just not enough demand to continue the development of the product and keep up with the aggressive release and testing cycles of the two software products that we are connecting.

As a result, we have decided to discontinue the selling of new licenses of the Connector for SharePoint & JIRA add-on from today. All current versions will remain available and compatible for JIRA 6.3. For future versions of JIRA we encourage our customers to migrate their users away from the add-on. It’s never fun to stop a product, but tough decisions have to be made at times and we strive to remain transparent with our reasons.

All current customers will have continued support through the end of their licensing period but no further versions will be released for future versions of JIRA.

Any questions/concerns can be addressed on our Community or by contacting our Support Team.

Thank you for your continued support, …


Konkret: Einen Datenaustausch zwischen JIRA und Sharepoint gab es nur auf User-Ebene, nicht aber auf Issue-Ebene. Bei einer Migration von Sharepoint nach JIRA müssen also Vorgänge manuell (via Excel In-/Export) in JIRA eingepflegt werden.